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Building and remodeling can be a full time job and our staff of professional sales and design consultants are here to help by coordinating and facilitating your project every step of the way. At Dave Griggs’ Flooring America, we take pride in the quality of our products. To ensure they are enjoyed to their fullest potential, we train and supervise all our installation contractors using the highest standards, which demands superior quality, professionalism, and use the most efficient methods of installation. 

Our installation professionals will take special care of your home during each stage of the installation process. To ensure a smooth and worry-free installation your sales represenative will go over our installation checklist prior to install where we will ask you move breakables, remove wall hangings and address many special concerns related to heating, electricity, old flooring, doors, furniture and appliances.  


What is involved when installing new flooring? The process is different based on the type of flooring you choose, so take a look at our installation guides to know what is involved before making the decision to hire a professional or DIY your project. 


When you purchase from us you have access to carpet, hardwood, sheet and vinyl plank, tile and stone, laminate, countertop and window treatment installaton services. We want to set clear expectations by communicating what to expect before, during and after installation of of your flooring. So you can undertand your warranty and know the first defence when it comes to making your investment last. Browse our flooring brands and products online, visit our store to make a selection, and learn more about installation process.